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Behind the Brand

Earlier this year, I spoke with Brand Strategist Kelsey Cronkhite on her podcast Behind the Brand. In the interview, we chat about leveling up in business, structuring our offerings to best serve our clients, and why networking is actually kinda great. Listen to my episode of Behind the Brand here. Kelsey asked one question that made me take pause, and that was: What would my dream project be? This question is hard for me to answer directly, because coming up […]

Tips for Photographing Challenging Food Products | Sarah E Crowder Studio

What to Do When Your Product Is Ugly

Okay, so maybe your product isn’t ugly, but some food products are more difficult to photograph than others. Items that tend to fall in this category include: dips and spreads, meat and meat substitute products, and brown food items. For these foods, it’s hard to tell just by looking at them how amazing they taste. While you may have to work more creatively than someone selling colorful salads or gorgeous cakes, all hope is not lost. Below are my five […]

Quick Tip: Use Pinterest's

Quick Tip: Use Pinterest’s Related Pins

When I’m working with clients to create a mood board filled with imagery to inspire the final photos for their brand, no resource is off limits for research. What I mean is you can find inspiration anywhere, although I have to say I have a few go-to spots where I like to begin the visual brainstorm. One of those is Pinterest, which is convenient since it’s also where I collect the images, in a private board my client and I […]