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Photos to Speak on Your Behalf with Quince & Apple

I talk a lot about how images are a part of your brand voice, one piece of the puzzle that tells the world what your business is all about. In the case of Quince & Apple, the need for their images to do the talking on their behalf had a specific context. The artisan preserves company once had a personal relationship with each of its retailers, but as the company grew, the person unboxing their product was more often someone they hadn’t […]

When Your Mood Board Is All Over the Place

I’m a big fan of creating a mood board for your food brand. In fact, it’s something I recommend to almost every food entrepreneur I meet. A question I often get in the wake of this advice is: What if my mood board is all over the place? When you’re having a hard time settling on a look for your brand photography, it might feel like the process of collecting inspiration images only adds to the confusion, but trust me […]

Behind the Brand: Sarah E Crowder Studio

Behind the Brand

Earlier this year, I spoke with Brand Strategist Kelsey Cronkhite on her podcast Behind the Brand. In the interview, we chat about leveling up in business, structuring our offerings to best serve our clients, and why networking is actually kinda great. Listen to my episode of Behind the Brand here. Kelsey asked one question that made me take pause, and that was: What would my dream project be? This question is hard for me to answer directly, because coming up […]